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With the ACOS 750 automation and telecontrol device, IDS offers a system to meet the highest demands. (Photo/IDS)

IDS GmbH said that its ACOS 750 RTU has been selected by Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) for the integration of SEWA’s new outstations to SEWA’s SCADA/EMS system as part of SEWA’s Project Tiger tender.

With the ACOS 750 and telecontrol device, IDS offers a powerful system to meet the highest demands. It has a modular structure and can be scaled according to customer’s requirements. ACOS 750 unites powerful and sturdy telecontrol features in one single RTU.

“The introduction of our ACOS 750 technology within the SEWA network is an exciting phase of our presence in the Middle East and our office based in Dubai, UAE. We look forward to our partnership with SEWA and to showcase our products within an innovative organization with such strong management and leaders,” stated Hans-Jürgen Kraul, Head of International Division of IDS and member of the Board of Directors.

As part of Project Tiger, IDS will supply 49 RTUs for substation automation application. Additionally there will be customer trainings as well as the factory acceptance test (FAT) at the IDS headquarter in Ettlingen, Germany.

is a specialist for SCADA and telecontrol systems as well as for station automation and protection equipment. It also offers software solution for outage management and maintenance, for systems integration and networking.

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