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Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics

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Digital Data Protection Bill: A comprehensive look at need, challenges, criticism and potential opportunities

While the Digital Data Protection Bill represents a crucial step towards a robust data protection regime in India, it is a nuanced legislation with potential trade-offs. Balancing the need for data protection, individual privacy, and a thriving digital economy will be key to its successful implementation.

Digital Data Protection Bill gets cabinet nod for Monsoon Session

The Union Cabinet has approved the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill, marking a crucial step towards its introduction in the upcoming Monsoon Session of Parliament, which commences on July 20.

A Balancing Act: Personal Data Protection Bill gives more power to govt, data can be processed abroad

The Personal Data Protection Bill is likely to water-down many suggestions of draft Bill prepared by the Justice BN Srikrishna.

Mozilla says Modi govt new draft rules on intermediary liability are blunt and disproportionate

Mozilla has raised five main concerns with MeitY stating that the proactive obligation on services to remove "unlawful" content will inevitably lead to over-censorship and chill free expression.
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Modi govt forms panel to suggest data protection framework

The committee of experts headed by Justice B N Srikrishna, former judge of Supreme Court will suggest a draft data protection bill

India plans more teeth for antitrust law to rein in Big Tech companies

The ambitious move by the government looks to gain the kind of influence over Big Tech that Europe and China have.

Beyond products and services, cyber security industry needs to push innovation

In 2020, the scope of discussion needs to go beyond the upcoming security products and services to new innovations in the cyber security industry

Modi govt to amend IT Act to trace rogue messages on WhatsApp

The Union government said that to trace rogue messages on platforms such as WhatsApp, it has proposed to amend the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 of the IT Act, 2000
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