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Ramadan is a powerful tool for self-purification and self-discipline: Prof M Aslam

It is high time that the Muslims face the realities of the contemporary situation and demonstrate through the observance of Ramadan, Islam’s relevance in today’s world, writes Prof. M Aslam.

Ramadan Fasting helps to balance physical, biological and spiritual aspects of life: Prof M Aslam

The human being consist of physical, emotional, biological and spiritual aspects. A balanced mix of these can lead to spiritual harmony and healthy life. The fasting during the month of Ramadan orients the observer to the art of balancing the spiritual essentials with other aspects of life.

StreamKar racket busted in Bangladesh

Dhaka — Gambling apps StreamKar is banned in Bangladesh. However, gambling apps are being used through VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Essence and significance of fasting during Ramadan: Socio-Psychological perspective

The Ramadan gets manifested through a month long annual fasting ordained on Muslims throughout the world.
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Islamic finance picks up among non GCC firms

A growing number of non-regional (GCC) organisations are turning to Islamic Finance, and in particular to sukuk instruments

Higher Education Commission of India: Why we are in hurry?

If we ignore the genuine concerns and rush to have a Higher Education Commission to gain some political points, we will be subjecting our educational system to an irreparable loss. 

Ramadan: Why it is a month of great significance?

Fasting in one form or the other does exist in almost all the religions. Professor Aslam takes a look at Why Ramadan is a month of great significance?