Monday, January 17, 2022
    Digital Senate 2022
    Digital Senate 2022
    Digital Senate 2022
    Digital Senate 2022

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    In Digital Learning, Virtual Public School is Next Big Thing

    Virtual public schools, that offer a full scale K12 education, have already sprung up in some parts of the world. They even offer a combination of the traditional system with online education.

    Maximizing support for Remote Workers while protecting the cloud

    Throughout the next two years, organizations will continue to shift to the cloud and increase their investments in IT infrastructure and applications, in addition to machine learning, AI and automation

    How is technology reshaping the job market

    Modern technology influences the development of the world, and with that comes the labor industry. Let’s see how technology affects the job market across the globe

    How Internet of Things is taking over human lives

    The Internet of things has significantly influenced the lives, the way houses are built, the way healthcare is administered, the industrial and business sectors

    Qlik Academic Program onboards over 150 universities in India

    Several students from participating institutes have already completed the coursework and received a Qlik Sense Business Analyst or Data Architect Qualification from Qlik.

    VR, AI and gamification to become next-gen schools magnet

    VR, AI, gamification are the future of schools. They have the power to turn a school into a place where the child will be pulled out of the house in the mornings like a magnet.
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