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Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018: Majority of breaches we respond to, are state-sponsored, or state condoned, says Kevin Mandia, CEO, FireEye

There is no one nation, five nations, or collection of 20 nations that are holding all nations accountable to abide by any rules of engagement on cybersecurity, says Kevin Mandia.
FireEye Q4 and Full Year 2017 Results announced: Expect revenue of $825 million in 2018

FireEye Q4 and Full Year 2017 Results announced: Cybersecurity firm expects revenue of $825 million in 2018

FireEye reported revenue of $202.3 million in Q4 and in 2017, revenue of $751.1 million, that is an increase of 5 percent from 2016.
Grady Summers, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, FireEye

Cyber Security: Rules of engagement have broadened, says Grady Summers, CTO, FireEye

Initial cybercrime game was primarily espionage – governments and militaries spying on one another. Quickly the game changed a few short years later, when hackers started using Windows NT to carry out cybercrime. And later on it moved to militaries pivot in the mid- 2000s and begin hacking the private sector, a sign that the rules of engagement were starting to broaden.
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