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Digital India initiatives level playing field for Tier 2 city startups

Tier 2 cities, often overshadowed by their Tier 1 counterparts, have witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of startups, thanks to Digital India.

Modernizing Data Strategy for Digital India

India has embarked on a significant technological transformation, with platforms like India Stack, UPI, Aadhaar, GSTN, and ONDC attesting to the nation’s digital prowess....

Resilient Digital India

India's public sector is digitising through initiatives like Digital India, prioritising technology for public welfare. Government departments and undertakings embrace digital solutions to enhance...

Budget 2023 has turbocharged Digital India’s dream, says STPI DG Arvind Kumar

The budget has turbocharged Digital India's dream through initiatives focused on emerging technologies and improved business policies, said STPI DG Arvind Kumar.
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India eyes better digital, cyberspace ecosystem; to replace IT Act with Digital India Act

Cyberspace in India is currently governed by the IT Act, which is a 22-year-old piece of legislation.

Digital India Act to encompass modern digital ecosystem and cyberspace needs: Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Centre will soon introduce the Digital India Act, which will establish a new policy for the country's digital ecosystem and cyberspace, said Union MoS for IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

Modern Workflow for Digital India: Vijay Jayaraman, Citrix India | Digital Senate

Vijay Jayaraman, Director, Presales Systems Engineering, Citrix India shares his views on the role of technology in Reimaging Modern Workflow for Digital India.
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Digital Ecosystem for Self-Reliance India: Arvind Gupta, Digital India Foundation | Digital Senate

Arvind Gupta, Co-founder & Head, Digital India Foundation shares his views on a host of areas including Digital India, security, privacy and resilient digital ecosystem.

JCP recommendations on PDP Bill to negatively impact Digital India: IAMAI

JCP suggestions substantially altered the bill's composition, transforming it from a personal data protection measure to a general data protection bill, says IAMAI.