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Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence software market to touch $126 billion by 2025: Tractica

Artificial intelligence (AI) within the consumer, enterprise, government, and defense sectors is migrating from a conceptual “nice to have” to an essential technology
The Telangana government would organise a series of events throughout the year centred around the AI theme

Telangana government to celebrate 2020 as year of Artificial Intelligence

The Telangana government will celeberate 2020 as the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to promote its use in various sectors such as agriculture, urban transportation and healthcare
Prime Minister Narendra Modi caution against demonisation of Artificial Intelligence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautions against demonisation of Artificial Intelligence

Disputing the dire narrative about threat of job losses because of the growing application of Artificial Intelligence, Modi said, "There has been a trend to demonise technology
AI in Government: First build the trust with citizen, says BCG

Artificial Intelligence in Government: First build the trust with citizen, says BCG

To fully realize the benefits of AI, governments must build citizens' confidence and trust in AI, said a report from American firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
Budget 2019: Narendra Modi govt to set up Artificial Intelligence centre

2019 Budget Speech: Narendra Modi govt to set up National Centre for Artificial Intelligence

With emerging technologies like artificial intelligence becoming the differentiators for nations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has decided to set up a full-fledged National Centre for Artificial Intelligence.
Capgemini launches enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence portfolio 'Perform AI'

Capgemini launches enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence portfolio ‘Perform AI’

Capgemini launched Perform AI, a new portfolio of solutions and services for businesses which it says is enterprise-grade artificial intelligence.
CFO, Artificial Intelligence, Oracle

89% CFOs are yet to embrace Artificial Intelligence: Study

89 percent of CFO have not deployed AI in the finance function and only 10 percent of finance teams believe they have the skills to support the organization’s digital ambitions.
Kunal Nagarkatti, COO, Clover Infotech

IT Industry must watch out for new innovation in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and cyber security in 2019

Trends that captured everyone’s attention in 2018 will continue to play a key role in the coming year as well. Below are the top 5 IT industry trends to watch out for in 2019.
Skybox Security CTO Ron Davidson

Skybox Security CTO Ron Davidson: Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence is often confused with automation, but they are separate and distinct solutions to a common problem, says Skybox Security CTO Ron Davidson.
Sven Brodmerkel is Assistant Professor for Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications at Bond University.

Painting by Artificial Intelligence is up for auction, does that mean AI is now creative

A painting generated by artificial intelligence will go up for sale at auction later this month – raising again the question of whether a AI or any machine can be creative.
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