Saturday, May 25, 2024
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics


From Android to iOs: Microsoft expands Copilot app to Apple users

Microsoft has expanded its AI-powered offerings with the launch of the Copilot app for Apple iOS and iPadOS users. This launch follows the introduction of the app on the Android platform.

Tech Diplomacy: Apple CEO, Chinese VP discuss tech amid regulatory, market challenges

This diplomatic engagement occurs amid a backdrop of increasing market competition between Apple and China's tech firm Huawei, particularly in China, which is a significant market for Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook cashes in $41.5 million from stock sale

Apple CEO Tim Cook, has reaped $41.5 million after taxes from his most significant share sale in the last two years, as disclosed by a recent U.S. securities filing.

Apple mandates government licensing for Apps in China’s Store

This move by Apple entails that developers are to submit an "internet content provider (ICP) filing" if they wish to introduce a new application to its China App Store.
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Beijing-based think tank questions transparency of Apple’s carbon-neutral claims

Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), a Beijing-based environmental research group, questions the transparency of Apple's carbon-neutral claims for some versions of its latest Apple Watch emphasising that the tech giant needs to provide more details about its suppliers' emissions.

Apple Wallet now supports PayPal and Venmo cards

Now Apple Wallet users can add their PayPal or Venmo cards for payments both in-store and online through Apple Pay.
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As Centre tightens 5G compliance for smartphone makers, Xiaomi, Samsung, Google, Apple plan software updates in India

Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are ready to fast track relevant software updates between the last week of October to December to enable support for 5G services in India.

How Apple watch showed ‘pregnancy’ before testings

The watch does not have any pregnancy detecting features but it can catch some intra body activities including high pulse rate and average resting heart rate.