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Bangladesh: Young students creates robot to provide medical services

Dhaka — Shuvo Karmakar, a class XI student of Barisal Amrit Lal Dey College, has invented a robot to ensure proper treatment no matter where the doctor or patient is

Dhaka — Shuvo Karmakar, a class XI student of Barisal Amrit Lal Dey College, has invented a robot to ensure proper treatment no matter where the doctor or patient is

Dhaka, a class XI student of Barisal Amrit Lal Dey College, has invented a robot to ensure proper treatment no matter where the doctor or patient is.

His robot will be able to contribute to medical care as well as provide oxygen for 15-20 minutes by automatically producing when the patient’s oxygen saturation is reduced.

At the same time bringing and taking medicines, putting on oxygen masks, providing medicines to the patient for first aid, the waste of the infected patient can be disinfected through the UV rays in his body. The name of this newly invented robot is ‘Sebak’.

Shuvo Karmakar said that it has been named that way because it will work in medicine. According to him, this is an effort for direct cooperation in the medical field.

‘Servant’ is Shuvo Karmakar’s second invention. Earlier in 2018, when the world-famous robot visited Bangladesh, she was inspired to invent the robot ‘Robin’.

Sophia, who got citizenship in Saudi Arabia in October 2017, could only speak English, but ‘Robin’, invented by Shuvo Karmakar, a 10th class student at the time, could speak Bengali; Could take part in the Q&A. As a result, Robin attracted the attention of the entire country.

Shuvo said, Robin, is a humanoid robot. If there was a fire or gas leak somewhere, he could send a signal. But the whole world, including the country, is fighting an infection. The question of how I can help in this case – I started the second robot ‘servant’ project. I have implemented a model in three months of effort.

‘By model I mean, if a robot is created in such a way that it can actually act as a means of communication between doctor and patient. The ‘servant’ can go directly to the patient. He can use his artificial intelligence to accompany the patient. Using internet technology, doctors will be able to see the patient’s latest condition directly anywhere in the world, talk to the patient and give a prescription, said Shuvo Karmakar.

Shuvo added that in the current age of technology, doctors and patients can talk on the phone. But no one wants to go to a patient infected with corona suddenly. Servants will play an effective role in this.

This is because if a patient has an oxygen crisis, he can break down the water stored with him and supply oxygen to the patient. In addition, if the patient’s waste is dumped in the dustbin of the robot servant’s body, it will be disinfected by UV rays. In that case there is no risk of spreading the infection.

Corona will be easier to deal with if the robot ‘Servant’ is implemented on a large scale. The patient will get the necessary services and the doctor will also be able to give treatment from a safe distance.

Shuvo Karmakar, a resident of Kalupara village in Gaila union of Agailjhara Upazila of the district. His father is Santosh Karmakar. Big happy between the two siblings. After graduating from Gaila Secondary School, he was admitted to Amrit Lal Dey College in Barisal Divisional City. But alas, he could not go to the classroom even one day after admission. This is due to the closure of educational institutions to prevent the spread of the epidemic Kovid-19. Thanks to that, there is a lot of opportunities to work with your own robot.

“In the future, I just want to work with ,” said Shuvo. Robotics is my favorite subject.

Mentioning that he wants to work for the welfare of the country and the nation by inventing robots, he said, “I am working to make the technology of my first invented robot Robin more modern and advanced.” Because on the eve of the , many countries in the world have come a long way in robotics work. Robots have become good friends. But Bangladesh is far behind. I am working for Bangladesh to be ahead in robot or computer technology in the fourth industrial revolution. I want to invent humane robots.


On May 15, 2018, in the national children’s award competition, the President became the second at the national level in the field of scientific device innovation. Robin’s inventor Shuvo Karmakar received the award from Abdul Hamid. At the 40th Science and Technology Fair on June 27, 2019, the Minister of Science and Technology received the award from architect Yafes Osman.

In addition, the Minister of Education, Dr. Shuvo Karmakar received the ‘Best Meritorious of the Year’ award from Dipu Moni. This teenage scientist invented the second robot in his series.

Incidentally, two more students of Gaila Secondary School in Agailjhara Upazila has invented two robots. Among them ‘Banga’ invented by Sujan Pal of Palpara and ‘Medical Assistant’ invented by Shaon Sardar Solaiman of Bhadrapara.

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