Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Aero India: Grene Robotics signs MoU with Bharat Electronics to develop air defence solution

Hyderabad-based firm Grene Robotics said has signed an MoU with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) at Aero India to jointly develop Autonomous Man-portable Air-Defence Data Link (AMDL) system, a first-of-its-kind air defence solution that brings isolated man-portable air-defence (MANPAD) operators into a networked environment.

The company said that partnership is aimed to bolster India’s autonomous air defence capability, bringing it on par with the best autonomous defence systems of the world. This technological collaboration has significance for various C5ISRT (Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Collaboration, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting) segments and will reduce the asymmetries in controlled warfare. The technology will be the first to be deployed on MANPADS (short-range weapon systems).

In a statement, the company said that MANPADS are forward-deployed air defence systems widely used across the world. “It addresses existing operational limitations in forward areas enabling the Command Centre to give real-time firing commands to the soldier leveraging sensor-to-sight capabilities using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality,” said the company.

The company claimed that the system has the capability to reduce fratricide, improve dispersed deployment and make MANPADS all-weather capable. The communication system enables real-time target assignment and complete engagement cycle management, which in turn improves the Observe Orient Decide and Act (OODA) loop. The system thereby, enables greater dispersal of launcher elements in the object area.

Rajasekhar MV, director (R&D), BEL said, “AMDL is a state-of-the-art data link system, which exploits AI to provide a comprehensive air defence solution. We are happy to be partnering with Grene Robotics, which is a niche company working in the core areas of AI and robotics.”

Gopi Krishna Reddy, director, Grene Robotics said, AMDL is a leap forward air defence technology to be developed with combined capabilities of BEL and Grene that is the first of many last-mile C5I Systems in the air defence space.


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