Thursday, June 30, 2022
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How tech bolster security of online gaming platforms

The rise of and are evident throughout the world’s financial capitals with the UK, US, and a few other European nations at the forefront. Technological innovations are undoubtedly the reason behind this sudden explosion within the iGaming niche, offering gamers the opportunity of gambling without ever leaving the living room.

Apart from further popularizing casino games like roulette and slots, technology has enhanced the overall safety and gaming experience, offering players a more secure environment for sharing private information like ID and bank details, which are crucial for signing up.

Evidently, technology made gambling accessible and safer than ever before. But how did the transformation occur? Let us explain.

3 Ways Technology Keeps Us Safe During Online Gaming

1) SSL Encryption

Short for Secure Sockets Layer, online casinos use SSL to protect user-information against phishing attempts. Users share quite a lot of sensitive data during the online registration process. Information like credit card and bank details, home address, and contact information need to be stored in the most secure of places, and SSL encryption ensures the data is safe.

Online casino operators are mandated by law to employ the highest security protocols when dealing with client information and SSL is the global standard. A few operators, however, choose to follow the Transport Layer Security (TLS), which isn’t recommended but is still better than an encrypted network.

An SSL encrypted storage facility keeps user data locked in pieces of code that are difficult to break into. This means your secrets are 100% safe when the operator contacts the servers asking for your records. On an unsecured connection, your data is easily accessible to intruders.

2) Financial Security

Almost every online casino today accepts digital payments in the form of wire transfer, credit or debit cards, and even cryptocurrencies. Whichever method you choose, the servers ensure your banking details remain secure and out of bounds to any form of unauthorized access.

Financial institutions employ the strictest verification and security protocols to prevent money laundering and fraud. One-time passwords and authentication emails are great examples of some of these advanced security measures. Cryptocurrencies are your best bet as these transactions are truly anonymous.

3) Random Number Generators

An RNG generates numbers randomly using a computer program. Online casinos use Random Number Generators to ensure the results are random, transparent, and fair for gamers at all times. These work on the principle of seed number algorithm, which in laymen’s terms use pre-defined mathematical formulas to calculate results according to the odds. Many online casinos use third-party services to authenticate their RNG, ensuring the process remains fair and transparent for every outcome.

While signing up at an online casino, it’s the gamer’s responsibility to be safe. Only sign up on websites that you trust and don’t provide personal details at random. If you’re unsure about an operator’s authenticity, run a quick background check validating its credentials. Follow this link for more news by Team Gamblers.

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