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Tech ObserverArticleHere's how online gaming industry gets AI boost

Here’s how online gaming industry gets AI boost

With technology taking centre stage among forwarding looking businesses and enterprise, there has been significant improvement in the way we communicate, collaborate and complete our task. This techtonic shift is quite evident across all the industries and verticals including and online casinos.

With cloud computing becoming a de facto platform for innovation, over the last two years, there has been the adoption of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), among others. Like any other industries, the gaming and casino sector has also imbibed these next-generation technologies.

There is a general view among technologist that among all the next-generation technologies perhaps AI is likely to become the mainstream tech very soon. In this space, the disruptive tech startups ecosystem is soaring high with their potential in drawing the entrepreneurs and capitalists.

Artificial Intelligence

The steady rise in drones, autonomous vehicles, AI assistants, and AI-driven IoT systems are set to create a new benchmark altogether to help enterprises analyse, automate, measure and monitor the tasks. Backed by AI and other technological disruptions, the year 2020 is all set to progress towards a sustainable ecosystem. To accelerate the pace of developments in every industry and sector, startups need to shift their focus on ideas that will create an inclusive ecosystem.

For example, for the gaming industry, AI can collect various details and information about gamers. It will estimate which games a gamer plays at what time, how much they spend and how they react. Combining all of these factors, the system can present the gamers with the best games and also with the most suitable alternatives for that very moment. All the gamers have to do is to confirm their choice and they are done.

Virtual Reality

The other technology that has the potential to bolster the gaming industry is virtual reality (VR). In recent years, the interest of different industries such as tourism, automobile and gaming, among others have significantly gone up to explore the use cases of VR for their businesses. For the casino industry, primarily, VR enables to bring the best of the online and physical world on a single platform.

In general term, the VR will help gamers to play any virtual game they like offering them look and feel as if they are actually playing in a physical casino. The gamers can walk, chat and can use different slot machines and so much more. That’s what casinos such as Jeetwin Casino is promising to deliver.

Facial Recognition

In addition to AI and VR, technologies have immense potential to pep-up security, safety and credibility of the gaming and casino industry. The identification, maintaining privacy and security of the gamer is an integral part of the casino business. With the help of cameras, AI and facial recognition technology, the process of depositing and funds withdraw could be bolstered.

Instead of email or phone verification, the gamers can be asked to turn on the camera on the device or to send a photo. That photo could be checked with the photo on the government ID card to eliminate any risk of fraud. Facial recognition can eliminate the risk of the user’s account being stolen or compromised.

Multiple payment options

One notable growth for the gaming industry has been payments technology. Thanks to robust fintech startup eco-system, there has been a huge growth of payment options over the last five years. Now, there are multiple payment options available for gamers and punters. The use of virtual money has saved punters the risk of moving around with cash. Also, despite regulatory challenges in different countries, cryptocurrency is becoming prominent in the gaming sector. The number of platforms accepting bitcoin as payment has grown in the last five years.

With technology taking centre stage and innovation happening at a speed that has never happened before, communication, collaboration and engagement are likely to become more rewarding and entertaining.

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