eMudhra Chairman V Srinivasan was elected to Asia PKI consortium through a voting process and will serve a tenure of 2 years.
eMudhra Chairman V Srinivasan. (Photo: File)

will taken over the reins of the prestigious (APKIC). Srinivasan was elected through a voting process by all the member nations and will serve a tenure of 2 years, said his company in a statement.

APKIC is a global forum of more than 10 countries that promotes awareness and adoption of PKI technology to enhance security in the digital world. Launched in 2001, the forum cooridinates and push for cross-border PKI policies and technology, studied the laws and regulations of electronic transactions, and accelerated PKI technology standardization and the interoperability among APKIC members.

Srinivasan said, “I am greatly honoured to be elected as Chairman of the Asia PKI consortium. Globally, countries are embarking on digital transformation efforts to promote cross border electronic trade and as a result society is becoming integrated digitally. In this integrated digital society, cyber security has become a focal point and digital trust enabled through PKI is critical in facilitating secure digital transformation.”

“The consortium will continue to further the usage of PKI in light of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and technologies of the future such as Quantum computing,” said Srinivasan.

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