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Cybersecurity firms Aujas and Endgame has signed a partnership in which both the firms will work together to offer advanced managed endpoint protection services to clients. (Photo: Agency)

firms and Endgame have signed a partnership in which both the firms will work together to offer to clients. Under the agreement, ’ Managed Endpoint Detection, Response, and Prevention Service (MEDR) will use Endgame’s endpoint protection platform help client manage targeted attacks.

In a statement, the firms said that cyber threats are increasing in sophistication and the first target is endpoints. All advanced persistent attacks, that disrupt critical processes and steal data, begin by exploiting the endpoints. Modern criminals deploy creative tactics that no longer trigger rules and signatures that defenders have traditionally relied on to detect attacks. So, traditional antivirus, firewalls or SIEM solutions are not able to detect or stop sophisticated endpoint attacks.

Aujas informed that its MEDR combines endpoint agents that constantly monitor and hunt for known and unknown threats, a central command and control equipped with advanced analytics for investigation, and AI, automation for rapid response and protection against similar future attacks. This gives security teams the power to stop real-time threats and get back to business in minutes.

“Aujas solves this problem by marrying advanced automation using Endgame and human skills to deliver next-generation endpoint protection,” said Sameer Shelke, Co-founder and CTO, Aujas. “Endgame provides full stack endpoint protection and stops targeted attacks like exploits, phishing, malware, fileless attacks and ransomware, that help us stop attacks and prevent damage to our clients.”

“In today’s dynamic threat environment, rapid detection and response remain essential. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the staff, expertise, or resources to put a mature program in place,” said Lyndon Brown, VP, Corporate and Business Development, Endgame. “Aujas has emerged as a thought leader in managed cybersecurity services. We’re pleased Aujas has selected Endgame to help clients of all sizes accelerate their SOC maturity by adopting managed endpoint services.”

Aujas said that managed security services are quickly becoming a preferred cybersecurity model. As the EDR market grows to over $5000 million in 2025, hosted deployment is expected to dominate. Organizations of all sizes – be it small or large, will opt for a managed service model, and reap the benefits of zero capital expenditure, scalability, and easy integration with security infrastructure.

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