Huawei partnered with China Unicom to build the first cloud ship data center in China
Huawei partnered with China Unicom to build the first cloud ship data center in China. (Photo: File)

ICT firm has bagged two awards at a recently held (DCD) Asia Pacific awards for Shandong Unicom and Chindata. The company informed that Shandong Unicom’s cloud ship micro-module project obtained the ‘Smart ’ award, while the Chindata won the ‘Living at the Edge’ award.

Huawei said that it partnered with China Unicom to build the first cloud ship data center in China, the Shandong Cloud Ship Data Center Project. “The project adopts a modular construction mode and energy conservation and environmental protection technology, combined with Huawei’s data center management system NetEco6000 for lifecycle management, it achieves a lower PUE for the data center and creates a model for green and energy-saving intelligent data centers,” said the company.

Tian Jun, Senior Project Manager of the Network Development Department of Shandong Unicom, said, “Shandong Unicom, as the innovation practitioner of the cloud ship concept of China Unicom Group, cooperates closely with Huawei to implement the cold aisle containment of CT equipment rack devices at any time and at random. This effectively solves the problem of ICT convergence, in addition, the cooling efficiency of the data center is improved, the data center is energy-saving, and the evolution of data centers to intelligent construction and O&M is explored.”

Chindata is a third-party IDC integrated carrier in China. It also deploys edge data centers and hyperscale data centers. At present, Chindata has eight hyperscale data centers which is operated or in construction. Also 220+ edge data centers have been operated at the same time, informed the company.

Zhuang Ying, vice president and CFO of Chindata said, “The 220+ edge data center, which is close to user terminals, collects, sorts, and transmits the data that needs to be calculated to our core hyperscale data center in a quickest way. Our large-scale benchmark projects have innovative modular design concepts and flexible capacity expansion features, uses Huawei slow-load, high-efficiency, and highly reliable UPS5000-E power supply and distribution solution, which fits Chindata Huai lai data center customers’ requirements for fast and reliable edge computing access, we will continue to work with Huawei to explore innovative technologies that support large-scale and edge convergence.”

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