API Development: Postman free users user to get paid features with no cost
Postman 6.2 includes a new feature called Sessions. (Photo: Agency)

, a company that deals in environment (ADE) has announced updates to its Postman app. Now, all Postman free users will be able to create Postman teams, use team workspaces and use all of Postman’s collaboration features, said the company. Prior to this update, teams were available to customers of Postman’s paid plans, Pro and Enterprise. “With this release, all Postman users will be able to use the same features of Postman previously enjoyed by paid users and in quantities scaled for individuals and small projects,” said a statement.

In addition, Postman 6.2 includes a new feature called Sessions, which allows teams to work through the addition of session-specific collection, environment, and global variables. The company said that ‘Session’ variables are not synced to the cloud, allowing developers to work comfortably with sensitive information while knowing it will stay local to their Postman instance. This gives developers more flexibility in working with APIs in Postman and reduces security concerns, claimed company.

“Teams are the foundation of API development,” said Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder of Postman. “Now, every developer can invite their entire team to Postman, improving collaboration and making their API workflow more effective.”

“We were one of the original beta testers when Postman first introduced the team collaboration feature,” said Todd Parsnick, technical supervisor at UCSF, Eureka. ”Our team has found collaboration invaluable, so it’s great to see this feature available to individuals and small teams via the free Postman app.”

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