GoWork mulling to raise $200 million from PE investors
(File Photo: GoWork)

said that it plans to raise $200 million from PE investors during its next round of funding. The co-working space provider is looking for expansion plans by launching at about 50 campuses across India in the next 5 years, said a statement. The expansion will start from top metro cities such as prime regions of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore following a Joint Venture model with big brands and corporates to revamp their existing office spaces, making them more comfortable through a co-working vibe. The company claimed that it has registered an M-o-M growth rate of 37%.

Sudeep Singh, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, GoWork, said, “The co-working segment is growing rapidly in India and we want to strengthen our position as the leading player in the domain through rapid expansion. With increasing competition, we foresee a massive upsurge in the market combined with a culture of consolidations, buyouts and mergers. We want to move in this direction following our policy of ownership of spaces that offers greater flexibility to our clients.”

GoWork said that it has developed a clientele with brands such as Zomato, Paytm, Lifelong among others.

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