Google sends reply to Delhi Police on CBSE paper leak case
An email was sent to CBSE chairman a day before Class 10 mathematics exam stating details about the CBSE paper leak including screen shots of Class 10 Mathematics leaked papers. (Photo: Web)

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi government facing barrage of criticism for not able to handle the Paper leak case properly, Ministry of Human Resource Development said that Delhi Police had reached out to US-based search giant for help.

According to Delhi Police, an email from Gmail was sent to CBSE chairman a day before Class 10 mathematics exam stating details about the including screen shots of Class 10 Mathematics leaked paper. Now, the Police want to ascertain the identity of the person who sent the email.

Social media sites and search engines receive such as request throughout the years from law enforcement agencies across the world. Earlier, Google Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond had explained about the process of sharing details. Usually, Google would need subpoena or a clear evidence of genuine case in need of its help. It only share details after evaluating the request in the light of public good, law & order and user’s fundamental right to privacy.

According to, Delhi Police’s Crime Branch has got a reply from Google on the details it had sought pertaining to the e-mail address from where the CBSE chairperson was sent a mail about the Class 10 mathematics paper being leaked. Portal quoted an unknown Police officer as saying that they “had got a reply from the online search engine but refused to divulge further details.”

CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 examinations were held from March 5 to 28. However, since March 15, social media, especially WhatsApp were buzz with rumour of paper leak. Initially Board denied that any leak has taken place but after facing flak from students and media continuous coverage, they accepted that papers for Class 12 Economics and Class 10 Math were leaked.

On Friday, Union Education Secretary, Anil Swarup announced the dates for re-examination. Now, the re-examination for Economics paper would be held on April 25 and date for Maths re-examination would be announced within 15 days, as government is still ascertaining the impact of Maths paper leak.

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