Blockchain-backed cash loan provider SALT Lending appoints Bill Sinclair as CTO
Sinclair brings more than 20 years of technology and software development experience to the company's leadership team. (Photo: Linkedin)

SALT Lending which offers -backed cash loans using the value of cryptocurrency as collateral, has appointed as Chief Technology Officer (). Sinclair is the first to hold this position at the company, which has grown as a financial services based upon assets. Sinclair will lead product development and other strategic initiatives to enhance the company’s platform for -based lending and borrowing.

Sinclair brings more than 20 years of technology and software development experience to the company’s leadership team. He is from Colorado who has led technology strategies at fast-growing companies in the financial services, energy and internet of things (IoT) industries. As CTO of Cartasite, an industrial IoT company, Sinclair enhanced and expanded the company’s product development team, which served as a competitive advantage of talent, speed-to-market and innovation. Additionally, Sinclair is a successful entrepreneur, having led the growth and acquisition of Agelio Networks.

“Bill has made an unmistakable impact at each company he has helped lead. He knows how to drive technology strategies for fast-growth companies like ours. And, he has an enviable track record of delivering solutions that become game changers for their industry,” said Shawn Owen, CEO of SALT. “With Bill on our team, SALT will continue to pave the way for the future of financial services.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to participate in changing the way people and companies borrow money, make loans and conduct financial transactions,” said Sinclair. “Blockchain technology is poised to become as disruptive as the internet itself, because it makes associated activities truly secure and verifiable, and does so at a lower cost. The technology initiatives I will lead for SALT will not only grow our current market for borrowing and lending, but also act as a catalyst for a broader transformation of how financial services are conducted across the globe.”

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