Tech for rising allergic diseases: Can air purifier makes indoor healthy?

People can minimise rising allergic diseases by using HEPA technology air purification solutions at home or in the workplace to create safer indoor havens.

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With the annual changes in season, the burden of allergic diseases in India has been on an uprising trend in terms of prevalence as well as severity. Allergic rhinitis (commonly known as hay fever) is one of the most common allergic diseases worldwide, affecting about 10-25% of population. It is one of the top ten reasons for visit to primary care physicians. As a precautionary method, there is increasing evidence that people can minimise this problem by using HEPA technology air purification solutions at home or in the workplace to create safer indoor havens.

According to , Consulting Chest Physician at Global Hospitals, taking adequate precautions are one of the best ways to avoid pollution related allergic diseases. “With annual changes in the season, there has been a spike in the number of cases with allergic diseases. In the past decade an increasing number of studies have highlighted that the particulate matter is a serious health threat which can be life threatening in many ways. The levels of particulate matter (PM) 2.5 have serious health implications as these tend to get lodged in the lung and can even enter the bloodstream,” he said.

Many studies in the past identified that indoor air can be five times or more polluted than outside. Other than dust there are also particles and gases from everyday household products, such as cleaning supplies, paint and varnish to floors, carpets and upholstery treated with stain protec­tors. In addition to these, the outdoor pollution such as pollen, vehicle exhaust and industrial contaminants that sweep in makes the quality of indoor air more dangerous and increases the risk of respiratory diseases and allergies.

“It is very essential to identify the invisible dangers. Breathing in tiny, unseen pollutants puts every individual at risk. Air purifiers are one of the effective solutions to keep the indoor air healthy at all times,” said Arvind Chabra, Country Head Blueair India.

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