Anand Kumar of ‘Super 30’, iScholar launche i30 program in South India
Anand Kumar of ‘Super 30’, iScholar launche i30 program in South India

, provider of on-demand online education and learning services launches its i30 JEE program for aspirants in the southern markets. iScholar entered into an agreement with Anand Kumar of ‘’ fame for its i30 JEE program to provide online coaching to IIT-JEE aspirants.

Kumar mentors iScholar in its JEE coaching program and shares his knowledge in the digital content format using iScholar’s technology infrastructure with students via iScholar’s i30 JEE program. This education dispersion is cost-effective and will aid learners in not just IIT-JEE, but also for other CET and board syllabus exams, said company.

Anand Kumar said, “We are more than happy to be associated with iScholar to bring an online IIT JEE course for the masses. We are working closely with iScholar to translate the powerful Super30 IIT-JEE course for online audiences and bring a near real-life experience to the existing as well as prospective students. The i30 course is designed to pave the way for many more bright students across India to get into IITs.”

“Through this association we have made highly successful Super30 program available to the online audiences using iScholar platform,” said Rajendra Prasad Nadella, Co-founder and Managing Director, iScholar, ”And by pricing the i30 course at a reasonable price, we have brought quality education within reach of the masses and especially those in remote locations of our vast country,” he said.

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