Avaya launches Master Agent Program to increase Avaya Cloud sales to SMBs
US-based Unified communications firm Avaya has launched a new Master Agent program with the aim to increase sales of Avaya cloud to small and medium businesses (SMBs). (Photo: Agency)

US-based Unified communications firm has launched a new Master Agent program with the aim to increase sales of to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Under this program, now sales agents can connect potential customers to Avaya and thereafter company will handle the rest of the transaction, from contracting, provisioning, managing and billing the unified communications services for the business. Jenne, an Avaya value-added distributor, has signed as Avaya’s first Master Agent.

“Agents are among the fastest-growing segments of the UCaaS sales and support ecosystem. However, agent responsibility has a defined stopping point. Avaya’s partnership with Jenne makes perfect sense to address market trends on the front-end, where customers want simple transactions sales, as well as on the back-end where they demand a consistent structure of comprehensive service delivery and support,” said Rob Arnold, Principal Analyst, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan.

Avaya said that program will help it increasing the demand for Avaya cloud services while simplifying the process of onboarding, deploying and managing the customer’s communications. Under the Master Agent program, agents can offer solution to customers with support provided directly by Avaya.

The Master Agent program provides a new option that rounds out the available choices for customers, channel partners and sales agents to access Avaya’s communications solutions. This program complements the opportunity for Avaya Edge Channel Partners who host Avaya IP Office in their own data centers and sell direct to customers under the Partner Powered by Avaya option, depending on their business needs as well as their customers, said company.

“In parallel with the development of the Master Agent program, we transformed the technology behind Avaya cloud, establishing storefronts for agents and making infrastructure changes that significantly improve ease of use. The proof is seen in our pilot and the velocity with which Jenne was onboarded and subsequently building a funnel. Demand is there and the program reaffirms we are on a growth track for success,” said Mercer Rowe, SVP and GM, Cloud, Avaya

“The transition to cloud unified communications services just got a big boost with the . The program leverages the breadth and experience of Avaya Edge Channel Partners and newly authorized sales agents, combined with the expertise and industry-leading unified communications services fully hosted by Avaya, to provide companies with an easy, fast track to cloud. We’re excited that Jenne is already seeing traction with the Master Agent program and look forward extending our success as we roll out the program,” said Gary Levy, Vice President, U.S. Channels, Avaya.

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