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NEET 2018 Preparation Strategy: Prepare like a doctor-to-be for MBBS, BDS admission

A doctor's life is not easy and preparing for the medical entrance exam is just the first step to get trained in the field

A doctor's life is not easy and preparing for the medical entrance exam is just the first step to get trained in the field

A doctor’s life is not easy and preparing for the medical entrance exam is just the first step to get trained in the field. When you prepare for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), think like a doctor and hone the traits that’ll make you the best in your chosen career. Here are some of the expert’s tips on how to do it for :

100% Dedication

NEET Preparation Strategy, NEET 2018, MBBS, BDS
100% Dedication. (Photo: Agency)

A doctor has to be very committed and must have very strong work ethics. No matter how tired he or she is or what’s going on in his or her personal life, a doctor has to be available to handle medical emergencies at all times.

This is the quality that you’ll need to pick up now. Prepare a study plan and stick to it. No matter what is happening at home or how boring some of the topics may seem, follow your study plan religiously.

NEET syllabus is vast but the questions asked in the exam are mostly NCERT-based. If you study regularly, do your revisions, and do sufficient practice – you’ll be easily able to crack the exam. Like a good doctor does what he has to, it is up to you to instill that kind of discipline in yourself.

Here’s a 3-month NEET Plan that you might want to follow.

Professional Approach

NEET Preparation Strategy, NEET 2018, MBBS, BDS
Professional approach is needed. (Photo: Agency)

How would you feel if you enter a doctor’s chamber and see an unkempt, inattentive, and impatient doctor with a big mess on his desk?

Keep your room and study area well-organized. Always study on your study table – which should have book only. A water bottle, some fruits, a table clock (for timed tests), one or two books you need at the moment, your notes diary or register and your pen (or other essential stationery) should be all that you need while you are studying.

If you are taking an online NEET coaching, you’ll need your desktop or laptop too. Do not lie down in bed while you’re reading books. If you feel sleepy, wash your face, go for a walk, or take a power nap and then sit down in your study chair once again.

It is also advisable to do some exercise daily or go for a run, take a bath and comb your hair. If you want to be a doctor one day, it is time to look like one now.

Be a Life-Long Learner

NEET Preparation Strategy, NEET 2018, MBBS, BDS

Physicians have to constantly remain updated about latest medical news, research, studies and trends. They also need to retain that knowledge and recall the information when it is required. Practice the techniques to read a topic quickly, retain it better, and be able to apply it too.

It has been noticed that one can read up to three times faster if one underlines the text using a pen – moving it at a constant speed. Moreover, you do not actually have to read each and every word to get the gist of the sentence. Increasing your reading speed will help you to cover more chapters in less time.

The best way to retain information is to teach it to someone else or write it down (without seeing it) as if you are telling about it to someone. Know when your mind is most focused and set your study time accordingly. Early risers may find it easier to tackle most difficult NEET topics in the morning while night owls may prefer to study them at night.

You may use flash cards and mind maps to remember things better too.

The only way you can apply what you have learned is to do practice questions immediately after you study a topic. Do as many types of questions as you can. Most NEET books include a wide range of questions that offer you ample practice but All Test Series for NEET aspirants available online these days will also offer you a detailed feedback on the topics in which you are weak and need to do more work.

Confidence is the Key

NEET Preparation Strategy, NEET 2018, MBBS, BDS
Confidence is the Key. (Photo: Agency)

A doctor is expected to be confident and highly knowledgeable. If a doctor comes across a different type of patient, he consults other specialists and case studies and gives his patient the best treatment possible. As a NEET aspirant, you need to go all the way too.

Study well. Seek help for whatever you don’t understand – but never give up. Everything has a solution – and almost everything can be mastered if you try enough. If a topic is taking too much time, put it aside until you can find someone to help you with it.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. The only way to be on track is to finish a topic within the specified time period you’ve kept aside for it. These days, there are modular coaching programs on offer too. In these programs, you can just pay and study for the topics you find difficult – instead of spending lakhs of rupees in a NEET coaching package of one or two years.

Generally speaking, if you solve 100 questions per topic, you’ll be able to crack NEET quite easily.

Understand the Relevance of What You are Studying

Besides Biology, everything you are studying now will somehow be used in your medical studies – even Physics. Concepts of Physics we study in Class XI and XII like fluid dynamics, pressure-volume relationship, resistance in a closed circuit, and how diameter is related to resistance are all essential to fully grasp the concepts of blood circulation and cardiovascular system.

The understanding of vectors is required to read ECG and understand electrical activity of the Heart. Pressure-volume curves help us understand the diagnostic procedures like lung function tests and Spirometry. Optics helps in understanding the functions of the Human Eye and Ophthalmology in general.

Similarly, Chemistry concepts are often used in Biochemistry, Physiology and Pharmacology. Once you understand that what you are studying right now is directly related to your future career, you’ll find it much more interesting and intriguing.

The author is co-founder of, an online medical coaching platform for medical entrance exams.

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