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eMagin is getting attention from tech giants such as Apple. (Photo: Agency)

Maker of OLED microdisplays is getting attention from tech giants such as Apple and LG as they bet big on and for future growth. According to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission Apple, LG and Valve have made $10 million investment in eMagin.

eMagin is New York-based company that makes microdisplays used in the military, medical and industrial fields, but it has recently turned its attention to companies building consumer headsets. “We entered into strategic agreements with multiple Tier One consumer product companies for the design and development of microdisplays for consumer head mounted devices and, together with these companies, negotiated with mass production manufacturers for higher volume production capabilities,” eMagin said in its filing.

As per filing, the investment, made in the form of a new stock issuance, was expected to be completed before the end of January. This underscores the tech community’s commitment to virtual reality, which promises to transport goggle-wearing users to a computer-generated 3D environment. Augmented reality, meanwhile, overlays digital images on the real world via special headsets.

Apple amped up its AR play in January when it released its ARKit 1.5 to developers. The software, which is part of the upcoming iOS 11.3 release, will pack new features to enable richer apps, including the ability to places items on vertical walls and doors, not just horizontal surfaces like tables. LG and Valve have also partnered on developing a VR head-mounted display.

The company’s flagship product is a 2K display with a resolution of 2,048×2,048 pixels and a 70 percent fill factor, the percentage of each pixel that can be used to gather light.

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