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PIET held a two week Short Term Training Programme (SSTP) on Big Data Analytics & IoT. (Rep Image)

With the aim to provide knowledge about emerging technology like Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) to faculty members, one of the premier engineering college of Nagpur, Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology () held a two week Short Term Training Programme (SSTP) on Big Data Analytics & IoT. The STTP which was approved by the (ISTE) was conducted in partnership with Indian IT major Tata Consultancy Services (), Mihan and Department of Computer Science & Engineering, PIET.

According to PIET officials, the two weeks STTP emphasised on the different facet of Big Data Analytics & IoT and how they could be bring value to any organisations. The participants were informed about various use cases of these emerging technologies. The inagural function of the STTP began with an introductory speech from convener of the STTP Dr. P. S. Prasad. He informed about the schedule of STTP and key expert lectures to be conducted. While participating in the function, Arvind Kumar who heads the TCS, Nagpur shared various benefits of using big data and IoT tools. He sheds lights on how industry is approaching towards this new technology. He was of the view that real time implementation of big data and IoT solution could be a game changer for the industry.

On the other hand, sharing his thought, Dr. Vivek Nanoti, Principal, PIET said that his institute believe in imparting new knowledge and skills in students and academic staff as it encourages them to learn new things. According to him, this STTP has been organised with the aim to provide indepth understanding about new technology to staff members. Other participants including Dr. G. M. Asutkar,Vice-Principal, PIET talked about role of IoT in wireless devices with 5G Technology. He said, with telcos focusing on 5G technology, the use cases for IoT devices will significantly increase with 5G. The function also witness the participation of coordinators Dr. Leena Patil, Associate Professor CSE Dept and Uma Thakur. Both of them were appreciated for their efforts.

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