Connected enterprise is a reality, but are they really connected?

Connected enterprise need advanced solutions that can be implemented to enable more hassle-free and productive collaboration.

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Connected enterprise need advanced solutions that can be implemented to enable more hassle free and productive <a href=httpstechobserver Intopiccollaboration class=st tag internal tag rel=tag title=posts tagged with collaboration>collaboration<a> photo agency

The Age of Disruption – if there was ever a moniker that perfectly encapsulated the essence of today's digitally-empowered era, it is this. Our lives are increasingly playing out on the digital edge, at the intersection of the real and virtual worlds. Delivering valuable insights through access to cutting-edge visualization and networking solutions is, as a result, rapidly becoming an essential strategic imperative to support of connected enterprise across every industry within the business ecosystem.

For connected enterprise and businesses

In today's era of connected enterprise, businesses are trying to discover ways of leveraging technology to become more agile and productive across various use-cases. Take corporate meeting rooms, for example. Market research indicates that nearly 46% of professionals feel that business meetings are a waste of time and negatively impact productivity. This perception is largely fuelled by the inherent inefficiencies of legacy display solutions, which not only take a lot of time to set up, but also restrict information flow between various participants. There is an urgent need for advanced collaboration solutions that can be implemented to enable more hassle-free and productive corporate meetings.

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Technology-led collaboration solutions, will help address these gaps by redefining the meeting room experience for Indian businesses. These ‘plug-and-play' solutions employ state-of-the-art technology to drive meeting room productivity. The platform-agnostic approach employed by these solutions also enables sharing of critical data in real-time from multiple devices. This facilitates far more engaged and involved meeting room discussions, allowing decision-making to be more information-driven and accurate.

For entertainment and recreation

Recent advancements in home entertainment technology and OTT streaming services have made it imperative for Indian theatre owners, as well as the larger entertainment community, to adopt innovative solutions that deliver more engaging, immersive experiences to their audiences. The aim has to be to provide a unique entertainment spectacle that cannot be recreated in a living room. Laser phosphor deployments leveraging futuristic projection technology can help in delivering this differentiation by enabling a more immersive theatre environment to provide captivating, mesmerizing entertainment experiences on the large screen.

For healthcare and medical applications

What is most important for healthcare and medical service providers is delivering the best outcomes, and that isn't possible till the time they have dependable, robust, and high-quality display systems to complement their skills and enhance their decision-making capabilities. This makes it imperative for doctors and hospitals to aggressively adopt state-of-the-art visualization and imaging solutions that support their functions in the OR and diagnostics rooms. Having the complete picture of a patient's condition available to them on-demand in real-time can help in making more informed decisions and enhancing the quality of patient care delivered to the end-user.

For smart cities

India has been rapidly moving towards a technology-first approach, and the ambitious Smart Cities Mission is set to further accelerate this evolution. But to truly enable smooth day-to-day operations and better query resolution will require seamless interconnectivity between the various stakeholders, from the end-user to service providers to city administrators.

This is where centralized control rooms powered by innovative technology solutions come into the picture. By enhancing the flow of information between various stakeholders, these control room solutions can play a major role in optimizing productivity, enhancing real-time monitoring, and augmenting decision-making processes. Moreover, hi-tech security and surveillance solutions in interconnected control rooms will also pave the way for better citizen safety, which is one of the prime requisites for new-age smart cities.

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