Friday, December 3, 2021

HelloSpoke selects Enghouse Interactive to roll out Cloud Contact Center

Enghouse Interactive announced that HelloSpoke will introduce a new cloud contact center service based on its CCSP platform.

Enghouse Interactive, a leading developer of a comprehensive portfolio of contact center software and services announced that HelloSpoke, a voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony services provider, will introduce a new cloud contact center service based on the Enghouse Interactive Contact Center: Service Provider (CCSP) platform.

“HelloSpoke was founded on the principle of providing high-quality business communications that align with the needs of today’s digital workplace,” said David Durik, CEO, HelloSpoke. “Being in and around telecom for over two decades, we saw the need in the marketplace for a simple, reliable and cost-effective way for businesses to upgrade or enhance their phone system without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars in the process.”

“Partnering with Enghouse Interactive allows us to provide small and large businesses with an enterprise-grade solution that brings an unmatched level of customer interaction, contact center functionality, scalability, convenience and lower total cost of ownership (TCO), with a strong emphasis on streamlining the user experience.”

CCSP is a multi-tenant cloud contact center solution designed for VoIP, unified communications and application service providers that leverage the ‘as-a-service’ model. This cloud solution shifts the financial burden from crippling capital expenditures needed for legacy technology, to a monthly subscription model that drastically lowers price points and barriers to entry. Contact centers become empowered with the flexibility, agility and scalability conducive to growth, available on an as-needed basis.

“We are in the midst of a paradigm shift,” added Durik, “marked by an increasingly remote workforce and evolving corporate cultures that embrace flexible policies like BYOD and work-shifting. As such, companies need technology that fosters agility, mobility and collaboration, is easy-to-use and not cost-prohibitive.”

HelloSpoke uses non-proprietary hardware and open-source IP technologies to enable jitter-free communications. Customers enjoy built-in disaster recovery; in the case of internet or network failure, calls can still be answered through the HelloSpoke Mobile Client. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the mobile user experience mirrors that of a desk phone, which in the context of a contact center, empowers remote agents to maintain the same level of service as their onsite colleagues.

Proactive network monitoring and real-time, dynamic traffic management optimize bandwidth so voice calls take priority over other applications. The company’s geographically diverse Tier II and Tier III data centers, coupled with a specialized firewall appliance and a veteran team of engineers staffing the 24/7/365 network operations center, ensure maximum uptime and security.

“HelloSpoke is telephony for the next generation with a services portfolio that is tailor-made for cloud communications,” said Jacki Tessmer, Vice President, Cloud and Service Provider Strategy, Enghouse Interactive. “We are excited to work with such an innovative company and an executive team with an extensive track record of industry success.”


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