Thursday, August 5, 2021

Tech startup Hubfly launches Intranet Software Solution to target Microsoft Office 365 customers

Digital workplace enabling collaborative technology firm Hubfly has launched intranet software solution that will help organisations running their businesses on Microsoft Office 365 to leverage the collaborative power of SharePoint.

Digital workplace enabling collaborative technology firm Hubfly has launched intranet software solution that will help organisations running their businesses on Microsoft Office 365 to leverage the collaborative power of SharePoint. “With this intranet offering, Hubfly is looking to target the over 100 million users that have Office 365 commercial subscriptions to enable them to transform their organizations into digital workplaces without having to rely on disparate third-party communication and collaboration tools outside Microsoft’s Office 365 ecosystem,” said company.

Hubfly is an Intranet Solution that marries the Tools of Office 365 with the Collaborative Power of SharePoint. Though SharePoint is a very powerful product that comes packaged with Office 365, it is estimated that barely 25% of these 100 million users know how to use it. With Hubfly, enterprises can enjoy a ‘dynamic’ intranet experience and a complete content management system wherein users do not need to know how to work on SharePoint in order to add engaging content, said company.

As Hubfly is deployed to the customers SharePoint as a SaaS model, it offers the flexibility of integrating additional functionalities that customers may want using their in-house team. Unlike other Intranet-as-a-service providers who store data outside the customers’ environment, Hubfly allows storage of customer data on the customers’ SharePoint itself. This ensures data safety, said startup.

“Organizations across the world today are waking up to the importance of engaging with a millennial heavy workforce which is tech savvy and prefers to work outside the confines of their physical work stations. Such professionals demand a collaborative work experience that is friction free and consistent across mobiles, tablets or laptops. Those organizations which are not cognizant of this trend, tend to run the risk of losing out on quality talent,” said Suprej Venkat, Founder and CEO, Hubfly.

Outlining the benefits of the Hubfly intranet, he said, “Using Hubfly, business enterprises can give their workforce a full blown ready-to-use digital workplace with a customized user interface, the comfort of using Office 365 along with innovative BPM tools for creating work flows and forms to automate business processes resulting in enhanced organizational efficiency. I’m confident that global businesses would recognize Hubfly as their preferred productivity partner in the near future.”

Besides the savings on time, labour and the cost involved in having to create an Intranet from scratch, organizations can now get the benefit of an ‘Evergreen Intranet’ which is synced up with all technology updates from Office 365 and customized to each user’s preference.

The ‘Plug and Play’ solution can be deployed within minutes. Hubfly’s intranet solution which comes with a smart document search feature, a smooth user interface and ready-to-use intelligent business tools such as Time Sheets, Leave Request, Service Request, Meeting Room Booking, Asset Management, Forms and many more that automate day to day operations are aimed to boost employee productivity by an estimated 20-25% and an estimated annualized time related savings cost equivalent of $19,732 per information worker.

The Hubfly Intranet becomes the go-to destination for not just all the enterprise tools needed for an employee to complete his or her tasks, but also is a repository for content related to organizational policies, process documents, employee induction kits, work documents etc. which every employee needs access to. While the intranet is a centralized gateway for content, management of content can be democratized with every user being able to contribute content in the form of blogs or by participation in forums. This creates greater employee engagement and reduces attrition cost.

Hubfly’s Cross-department analytics and interactive graphs give the management teams a real time picture of where the organization stands, enabling quicker decision making and greater organizational agility in the face of changing business scenarios.

Saravana Kumar, Co-Founder Hubfly said, “We at Hubfly believe that your workplace becomes truly digital only with an intranet that is dynamic and which every employee sees as being relevant to them from an operational as well as a knowledge enhancement standpoint. The problem stems from the fact that the intranet in most business organizations today is static due to content paucity offering a not-so-seamless user experience due to outdated technology, which has a bearing on their bottom lines.”,

“For this, it is important for to impress upon them the evolution of the intranet from a one-to-many communications medium to a business productivity tool. Hubfly makes the intranet relevant,” he added.

Hubfly has adopted a per user monthly billing revenue model. While the business edition offering available on the browser and iOS and devices comes up the customizable intranet platform and integrated business apps at $10 per user/ month, the premium edition which comes with a personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant in addition to the features in the business edition is priced at $15 per user/ month.


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