SC verdict on right to privacy gives identity access a legitimate perspective

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Aniket Jain
Aniket Jain
Aniketh Jain is the co-founder and CEO at Solutions Infini Technologies India

’s verdict on as a citizen’s fundamental right will advance major amendments in the Indian individual’s life and liberty. The verdict by the supreme court has brought a decent shape to the mode of civilization in India.

Where security is concerned, this verdict shall safeguard citizen’s data from fraudulent cyber attacks and gives identity access a legitimate perspective. Supreme court’s verdict is not only going to safeguard the right to privacy but also retaliate on any breaches in policy.

Privacy has been misused to various levels of breach till date and this verdict on right to privacy from Supreme Court was much needed. The verdict not only protects privacy of an individual but also builds a sound, safe and invulnerable system that will be hailed by the Indian public.

Building trust in the digital ecosystem was an uncompromising requisite, which the Supreme Court has fulfilled by it’s verdict. This verdict on right to privacy will enhance the chances of wider adoption of digital services thus improving the overall growth of the industry. Government welcoming the verdict and consenting with the same is hugely a supporting move.”

The author is CEO & Co-Founder of Solutions Infini. Views are personal.

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