Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Here’s 10 key written updates from 1st August 2017 episode

The 1st August episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi began with Sona getting angry with Dev, this confrontation was expected for some time as Dev was continuously pissing Sona off

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The 1st August episode of began with Sona getting angry with Dev. This confrontation was expected for some time as Dev was continuously doing something that was irritating Sona. In the 1st August episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Dev calls up all of Sona’s employees to their house as she was getting ready. He makes the employees comfortable at home. When Sona walks down and saw the employees, she shouts at them asking them to go back to office. She yelling said that it was she who is their boss and not Dev and all of them should follow her.

On the other hand, Dev looks frustrated as his plans completely fall apart. Sona tells Dev that he is becoming possessive and she needs space for herself. Dev take her to an open space asking if this space is enough. He tells her that he is okay with she becoming successful and also being the only role model for Soha but she cannot stop him from caring for her.

During 1st August episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Dev says his mother has taught him to love this way and that he loves her the way he loves Soha and Ma. Sona says she is different and their relationship cannot be the same as his and Ma’s. Ishwari walks in listening to this and Dev asks her to decide who between them is right. Dev walks away angrily as Ishwari keeps mum. (Also Read: Dev goes on from Sona’s office to Sona’s wardrobe-he wants her all for himself!)

Ishwari meets Sona and tells her she is not here to interfere or decide for them but she just wants to understand and only Sona can make her understand. She asks her that like she loves Dev so does Sona love him then how would their loves be different. Sona talks to Ishwari with her logic very clear.

She says she has always respected Ishwari’s relationship with Dev and she does want her relationship with Soha to be the same with time. She says but she cannot expect the same from Dev.

Dev cannot make their relationship a replica of his and Ishwari’s relationship. Sona says Dev has to decide about how he wants to love her. Ishwari gets her point as Sona walks away. (Also Read: Dev forbids Sona from stepping out of the house and imposes it on her)

Dev is angry as he paces his room, Ishwari enters his room but leaves as she is confused about interfering with their lives again. Mamaji makes her understand that years back her interference had caused their relationship to break but today if they do not interfere the relationship might end.

As Ishwari stands worried in the kitchen Dev walks in, Ishwari tries to speak to him but he says he does not want to speak about it. He asks her if she also thinks that he is binding Sona. Ishwari remembers Sona telling her so but refrains from breaking it to Dev just then.

She tells Dev that she knows that he loves Sona way too much and is doing this for her happiness. She says Sona’s happiness is his responsibility and also her happiness is all attached to him. She asks him to do something different and not this.

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